Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Astrogirl, cycle commute and moodays

'Some days are like that'....I remember the favourite read of our kids was 'Alexander's Very Bad Day'. He wakes up with gum in his hair and its all grump from there.
Well that definitely sums up today.

DH (dear hubbie) texts me at work to say he has climbed Mt Coot-tha on his bike in record time in a record gear.
I'm scrubbing out a water bath.

Someone I counted on let me down today, fluffing about, not interacting enough with students who were excited and hoping to learning about science in real lab. Don't like spoiling good healthy intelligent enthusiasm.

Moodays (mood days)
On Monday everybody is in an excited, can't wait to hit the week head on mood.
Cyclists move efficiently and predictably on the path, no dogs and kids are at work early.

Tuesday I am told, is when traffic on the road is the most dangerous and busy. Mums' working week starts. The roads are clogged, watch out for door slams and mums who can't see over the dash of their way-too-big 4WD that never ever sees mud, the bush or sand.
The cycle path is hectic, eratic, full on.

Today is cycle to work day: Wednesday.
Pedestrians stride fiercely, with a serious scowl. Lance has cheated on us all.

Every walker, child, family group and old geyser refuses to move an inch on the bike path today. 'Scuse me, thanks, passing! Must be hump day I think, hmm its wednesday that makes sense.

Maybe there is a mood to every day of the week? Mood-days. Mooday - a real shit day.

Got home to a speed fine...on the weekend, coming down a steep downhill.

I think I'll go to Timbuktu.

Why can't I be Astrogirl and fly over all the obstacles on the path?
No Julia, that's not sexist, or misogenous or Tony's fault.
Some days are just like that.

Hallelujah, its thursday tomorrow, downhill all the way to the weekend - without a speeding ticket.

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